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The Gsim 1000 is a aluminum fixture made in the USA. It is equipped with 2 cooling fans for the PFD and MFD. The fixture will work with all Garmin GDU 1040 or 1044 displays, and comes with 24 volt conditioned power supply, a waterproof padded case for transport GDU displays and a removal tool. The screen protectors are by Aero Tect.

The Gsim 1000 when put in the SIM mode you will be able to do all your flight plan entry without sitting in the plane running all the LRU's that are not needed while using the G1000 on the ground. The Gsim 1000 with the Garmin GDU1044 (GFC700 AP) PFD and MFD will fly complete flight plan,
departures, arrivals, ILS GPS WAAS VOR approaches just like flying the plane with the auto pilot, even use the heading bug. Garmin's SVT will also show on the PFD if installed along with any charts and TAWS you may have installed. Once set up in the SIM mode there will be nothing to do when removed and replaced in the aircraft. The Gsim 1000 is a good way to learn how to use the G1000's; NAV, Auto Pilot, Flight Planning, Map Set Up, Loading Approaches, STARS, SID's, Transponder, Radio Tuning and Loading Victor Airways.

Note: pre 2007 182 206 & pre 2008 172 do not have the GFC700 AP Gsim 1000 can only fly in the flight plan mode.


     1) Gsim 1000 desktop fixture
     2) Waterproof padded case
     3) 1 set of screen protectors
     4) Power supply
     5) Instruction and set up manual

Price $695 USD CPA Member discounts $100.





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